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Lund December 11th 2011

Dear readers of this blog,

We came back to Europe from Kenya in the end of May. The last week of May we spent in Prague and it was really lovely to be there. It was summer and the trees were all green and the flowers were amazingly beautiful. Time passes fast when you are having a good time and soon enough we were home again.

After a couple of weeks at home, I went to Berlin with my grandchild Philippa. She is 22, an excellent age. We stayed with my friend Mechthild, who lives in Potsdam. She is a teacher of English. We had a lovely time, went for sightseeing in Berlin, saw the famous Pergamon museum, went for a boat trip on the river Spree and cycled around in Potsdam, where we among other places visited the castle ”San Souci”. Potsdam is the capital of Brandenburg, a very nice town close to Berlin.

The rest of the summer months we spent at home, meeting friends, visiting relatives and enjoying the summer. We were in Denmark for three weeks in August, looking after a cat and we stayed in the home of our Danish friends, Birgit and Lars. Most of the time, however, it was raining. The peaches that they cultivate fell down from the tree, but we were lucky to taste a few of them.

From September the weather has been fantastic, very warm and we have enjoyed it. Although it is supposed to be winter it is not freezing and we have no snow.

During the autumn retired teachers from the school where I used to work have been having three meetings, We have all been working together for more or less twenty years so we miss each other and therefore want to be in touch now and then. We are more or less sixteen people and we meet once a month and spend some enjoyable hours together at my favourite place in town, which is called ”Gattostretto.” The owner is an Italian guy from Rome and he cooks very nice pasta. You can see photos from this place at my blog.

Now Christmas will come soon so I have been baking different kind of cakes like ginger cakes, fruitcake and some other kinds of cakes as well. One special Swedish cake is baked to celebrate the 13th of December, which is the memorial day of a female saint from Sicily, a day which strangely enough is celebrated in this country, which is a Lutheran country and not catholic what so ever. However, the cake is good and we like it. The name of the cake is ”Lussekatt”.

Anders has got an appointment with a surgeon and will have a new knee inplanted on December 21st. He will probably have to stay at the hospital for a couple of days but we have to cope with that, and I am not going to be alone because one of the sons will come home for Christmas.

We do not have any future plans because of the operation. First of all Anders must recover and thereafter we can decide what we want to do and if we want to go somewhere.

We wish the readers of this blog the very best for Christmas and the New Year and say thank you for reading the blog. We also say thank you to our dear friend Elsi Lehto who is our skilled blog master. She was – by the way – the one who suggested me to write now for Christmas.

Finally I want to wish the readers of the blog
A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Gunilla and Anders


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